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Consumer and Family Science Department 
Consumer and Family Studies curriculum is concentrated on eighth content areas, each of which teach personal, family, and work management skills, as well as provide a sound background for career exploration and specialization in careers related to Home Economics related occupations. Our courses are designed to prepare students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to function effectively as family members, leaders, workers, and citizens.

Our student organization, FHA HERO, is the pre-professional organization for high school students enrolled in Family and Consumer Science courses.  Currently our students are active in the Yuba City Unified School District’s Nutrition Advisory Council. 

Life Management 1

An introductory/comprehensive course provides students with a solid foundation for entering concentration courses offered here at RVHS. The focus is on preparing students for personal and life management.  Areas of focus are: consumer education; family and human development; basic sewing skills; food and nutrition; individual and family health; and leadership. 

Life Management 2

This course allows students to further develop the skills acquired in Life Management 1; food preparation, culinary skills, intermediate sewing skills, and consumer skills needed for living on your own.

Child Development and Guidance

This concentration course prepares students to understand children’s physical, mental, emotional and social growth and development as well as provide for their care and guidance. Instruction includes prenatal developments, inherited characteristics, health and safety, guidance and discipline, cultural diversity, and child abuse and neglect. This course provides a solid foundation for any career that involves working with children, including child care and education.

Nutritional Science

This concentration course prepares students to understand the scientific principles of nutrition, the relationship of nutrition to health and well-being, and careers related to food and nutrition. Instruction includes nutrition and health, safety and emergencies, food safety and sanitation, meal management, food preparation, the science of food and nutrition, and production, and food technology. This course provides a solid background for a wide range of careers food science, dietetics and nutrition, as well as food service and hospitality.

Decorative Arts and Design

This concentration course prepares students to learn how to successfully use the elements and principals of design in a multitude of media including, but not limited to collage, paint, fabric, mosaics, etc.  Projects in this course will emphasize product, fashion, interior and graphic design.

Interior Design

This capstone course enables students to explore their creativity in the field of interior design. Identification of the elements and principles of design are emphasized. Students will create projects utilizing the elements and principles of design. Other topics included are exploration of design styles, area planning and careers.

ROP Early Childhood Careers

This Capstone course is designed for the general and college prep student who enjoys working with children.  This course will engage students in learning the entry level principles, processes and working relationships in careers in child care and children’s services.  Students will complete and intensive 6-week training program and will then work as interns at local and regional preschools or children’s service agencies.  Students will acquire entry level career training in child development, child care, and children’s support services and wide range of related careers.  ROP ECE is articulated with Yuba College and students may earn college credit by meeting all course requirements.
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